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Write panel infinitely spinning, doesn't display

relish27 Feb 19, 2012 1:46 PM
Posted in group: Magic Fields
Hi.  I launched a site a month ago and got a frantic email from the
client yesterday that they had "broken" the site.  When I looked into
what was going on, I found that the home page, which has its own write
panel with the ability to add duplicate groups of data, was messed
up.  When you go to the admin page, each of the group items have a
spinning "Loading Data" icon on them... and nothing ever loads.  The
whole page appears non-functional.  On the public side, nothing was
being displayed at and after the point where this write panel group
was being output.

There are actually two duplicating groups on this write panel -- Big
Promotion and Small Promotion.  The Big Promotion items get displayed
first -- and these were working just fine.  Things stop working with
the Small Promotions.  The client did say that they uploaded an image
that was too large for the display location, but I don't understand
why this would cause this problem.  I'm wondering if I just have to
delete this write panel and start over?

Thanks, C