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Chris Granger Nov 11, 2013 6:58 PM
Posted in group: Light Table Discussion
Plugin loading is in! So, for example, you can clone into the plugins dir and it will load it. Lots of good bug fixes in here too.


* FIX: merge :repl-options :init correctly if it's in your project.clj
* FIX: nodejs require failed with certain module loading patterns
* FIX: with the nodejs client you couldn't use a pathless file as a repl
* FIX: tag specificity ordering bug
* FIX: typing very fast after bringing up the findbar would sometimes cause it to overwrite input
* FIX: correctly catch assertion errors #590
* FIX: Linux start script doesn't handle symlinks well #885
* FIX: Rest args in anonymous functions don't work #569, #256, #779, #881
* ADDED: :verbatim option to eval.custom
* ADDED: copy/paste using browser tab context menu
* ADDED: xml file type
* ADDED: tag to allow you to override hinting keybindings
* ADDED: plugins can be loaded from the plugins/ dir
* ADDED: __ID__ and __SELECTION\*__ for custom watches
* UPDATED: CodeMirror vim mode
* UPDATED: latest CodeMirror
* UPDATED: lein-light-nrepl 0.0.8