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Re: [Lift] Jetty (partially) uses out-of-date code

Olek Swirski Apr 29, 2012 5:20 AM
Posted in group: Lift
try doing
touch jetty-dir/contexts/your_app.xml
otherwise placing war may not force jetty to use
it, and it will read previously extracted war
- it extracts it to some tmp dir or you may also
specify that dir in jetty config files

similarly, take note, that when running in production
mode, jetty won't show new templates until
you reload war (I guess templates are cached for

On 29/04/12 14:10, Tobias Pfeiffer wrote:
> Hi,
> I am experiencing some very weird issues with my Lift application: When
> I develop locally, everything works as intended, then I package the files
> with mvn war:war and deploy them to my Jetty server, then it seems as if
> for *some* files, Jetty still uses the old version.
> That is, templates, snippets etc. are looking fine, but a class doing
> some periodic background jobs is not doing the same as on my dev
> machine, but still shows the same behaviour as a couple of days ago. And
> this even happens after I cleared the whole target/ folder in my build
> tree and rebuilt completely.
> Has anyone of you experienced something similar and might tell me what I
> should double-check or where this might come from? Does Jetty cache some
> classes somewhere etc.?
> Thanks for your help
> Tobias