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Forms with Mapper + reading from HTML table

Uros Nedic Apr 6, 2012 1:53 AM
Posted in group: Lift
Hi all,

  This time I have two problems I'm desperately trying to solve in Lift.

  First one is related with doing Forms in Mapper. I saw very interesting tags like
<lift:field_label name="id"/> in Record. Since I'm using Mapper, does anyone
have an idea how I can develop my own Forms and click "Save" button? I need it
because want to be able to organize Form fields on my own way with my Field titles.

Second one is related with pure HTML tables. Let say, I have one HTML table rendered
on the screen. I used JavaScript to enable user to modify that table. After he clicks "Save",
I would like to read cells from the table and process them. I have some ideas in my mind
but all of them look more/less complex. Probably there are some simple solution.

Again thank you in advance,