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Issues identified at JLeRN Hackday

Lorna M Campbell Feb 6, 2012 9:56 AM
Posted in group: Learning Registry: Collaborate
Hi there,

Sarah Currier has already posted a couple of updates on the JLeRN Experiment node that JISC are funding here in in the UK.  Towards the end of January CETIS and the JLeRN team held a hackday in Manchester to bring together developers who might be interested in getting involved with the project and interacting with the node.    One of the aims of the day was to attempt to scope some usecases for the JLeRN Experiment, while the technical developers were discussing the implementation of the node and exploring potential development projects. We didn’t exactly come up with usecases per se, but we did discuss a wide range of issues which I've recorded in a blog post here.

We'd welcome comments and feedback on any of the issues raised at the event. Dan has already added some very useful comments but if any group members have further thoughts please feel free to chip in either here or on the blog.

All the best

Lorna M. Campbell
JISC CETIS Assistant Director
University of Strathclyde
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