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Re: [Learning Registry: Collaborate] Re: Standards alignment to standards alignment in LR via data services

Steve Midgley Mar 20, 2012 7:11 AM
Posted in group: Learning Registry: Collaborate
Can you explain that last bit in more detail? How are standards alignment data and rating data connected for you?

On 3/20/2012 10:05 AM, Jeffrey Hill wrote:
Having equivalent representations of standards available as part of data services would definitely facilitate resource alignments with CCSS (especially) and standards sets put out by the content area organizations (NSTA, NCSS, etc.), in that I'd suspect that they'll have the most machine-and-human-readable representations out there in the wild.  In any case, it'd be facilitative to getting to represent assertions like ratings paradata, in that in our case, the way we have rated resources has much to do with the standard alignments made between a resource and a particular standard.

On Sunday, March 18, 2012 6:38:42 PM UTC-4, Steve Midgley wrote:
I've been talking with a few states and Brandt Redd at Gates Foundation
about a problem that is emerging around standards alignment. Our current
work on data services for finding alignment between resources and
standards is very useful (and seems to be well received by the states
I've talked with). As a result of our work on that problem, we might use
LR to fix this new problem..

The emerging problem is that there are many ways to talk about the same
curricular standard. So there exists for common core a canonical
English-language (non-machine readable) standard defined by the CCSS
consortia. Say this one for ELA:

ASN has the same standard here:

Academic Benchmarks has a GUID to describe this same standard, and
Massachusetts has created some internal GUIDs as well. There are
probably others! And there are valid business models and reasons why not
everyone is going to a universal single standard URL, at least not right
away (just recoding the database might be a pain). Of course we all want
them to link to the same resources, but right now it's not even very
easy to figure out which standard is the same as another standard..
Given that in LR it's pretty easy to say stuff like:

This thing is the "verb" of that thing.

Which in this case would be:

This "ASN common core ELA standard URL for rf.2.3" is the "same as"
"CCSS common core ELA standard URL rf.2.3"

With data services it's possible to ask questions of things like:

"Show me all standard URLs that are the same as"

And get back MA's GUIDs, AB's GUIDs, CCSS's URLs, etc. Seems like a
useful feature to get working in LR? It's relatively easy to implement I
think.. It seems very, very similar to our standards alignment data
service that connects standards to resources using alignment verbs
("aligned," "teaches," "assesses" etc)?

I wonder if this standard-standard data service should be the second
demo for data services or if ratings data are more useful? Creating a
place where anyone can register a correlation between on standard and
another standard seems very helpful for everyone in figuring stuff out?

All input welcome,

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