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Re: [Learning Registry: Collaborate] Some new UK-based JISC projects working with the JLeRN on Learning Registry stuff

Steve Midgley Apr 3, 2012 8:30 PM
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Very exciting projects! Keep us posted where we might help with ideas or references to dev resources, etc.

The Learning Maps project is super cool and relates to what we are doing with data services for learning objectives. I believe at the heart of any learning map is a set of curricular standards or learning objectives (in K-12 US common core standards are getting a lot of attention but LR is by no means limited to them).

The data service is designed to make it easier to share and consume standards alignment assertions across LR. That might make a nice building block for the learning maps, which would presumably share how learning objectives themselves are related to each other?

If so, the magic bullet would be then being able to walk around a map of standards, and then drill onto one or more standards to find all the resources that are connected to it?

We're still not settled on the best way to sharing standards alignment data (LRMI being the likely scenario). I'm not aware of any public data structures yet that handle non-linear (or semi-linear really) learning map data structures. Gates SLI below I think will release one sometime, and if you want to contact them to see, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

Also, you might be interested in the Kansas Dynamic Learning Maps work:

Gates foundation's SLC project has learning maps in it, though the public docs are thin at the moment (more forthcoming soon I hear).


On 4/3/2012 4:54 AM, Sarah Currier wrote:
Hello all,

For those who don't follow the JLeRN blog, thought you might be interested in these new JISC-funded projects (blog post here:��).

Text of post here:

JLeRN and the JISC OER Rapid Innovation Strand

The HE Academy / JISC OER3 Programme�s new Rapid Innovation strand projects kicked off last week in London at the Programme Meeting. We are thrilled that there are four projects within the strand who want to work with us on Learning Registry related developments.

With only four months left for JLeRN, we want to make the most of the time we have, and participating in well-thought-out projects meeting real requirements in the OER space seems like a good way to consolidate what we�ve learned so far. All of these projects involve folk who supported us by coming to the Hackday in January and the CETIS Conference Learning Registry session in February so it�ll be nice to give something back.

The four projects we are working with are as follows (NB: There were a few other sparks of interest in the OER Rapid Innovation projects� breakout session, so I think we may pick up a few more along the way: don�t be shy to get in touch if you�d like to work with us):

Rapid Innovation Dynamic Learning Maps-Learning Registry (RIDLR)

Based at Newcastle University, and led by Simon Cotterill, this project will build on their Dynamic Learning Maps work, and their FavOERites social bookmarking project, to develop �open APIs to harvest and release paradata on OER from end-users (bookmarks, tags, comments, ratings and reviews etc.) from the Learning Registry and other sources for specific topics, within the context of curriculum and personal maps.�

Sharing Paradata Across Widget Stores (SPAWS)

Based at Bolton University (with partners KMi (Open University); IMC AG, Saarbruecken; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium) and led by Scott Wilson, this project will use the Learning Registry infrastructure to share paradata in the form of user views, reviews and ratings about educational widgets across four existing widget stores.

Xerte Experience Now Improved: Targeting HTML5 (XENITH)

Based at Nottingham University (with partners JISC TechDIS, EDINA and Mimas (us!)), and led by Julian Tenney, this project builds on the Xerte Online Toolkits, which integrates directly with the Xpert Repository. As an adjunct to its main development work, it will explore sharing metadata and paradata about Xerte resources with the Learning Registry.

Track OER: Tracking Open Educational Resources

Based at the Open University, and led by Patrick McAndrew, this project aims to �develop software that can help track open educational resources� as they are used away from their point of origin. JLeRN has already entered discussions with them to ensure mutual affordances are identified.

In addition to these projects, the University of Liverpool will soon be working with the JLeRN team to set up their own node. As well as assisting with meeting Liverpool�s requirements, this will enable JLeRN to experiment with sharing data between nodes at different locations. Work with Jorum will continue, and discussions have begun with the JISC Resource Discovery Programme to widen the reach of the Learning Registry concept. Watch out for blog posts on all of these activities!

Cheers all, comments and questions welcome: the blog post has project links in it.



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