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Re: OER / OCW Verbs

Pat Lockley Apr 7, 2012 10:47 AM
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the events tracker in google analytics supports a certain scope for nesting ( )

My worry is how distinguished events should be

So we have "shared" as an option, and then I would add the various social media options. However, I could see this as a case for the verb to be "recommend" as it possible holds more gravitas as a word.

I was also wondering how to distinguish between consumption? So the video / audio file can be consumed (rather than watched or listened to), but is reading a page consuming, and then what is say, printing a PDF out? We've also coded a youtube style embed option for our video / audio, so this will be consuming the media, but I am not sure if this embedded consumption suggests a greater verb because there is a proxy in the process, and in some ways a recommendation?

Copying is also trackable on the site, but I think again, this feels like it should sit within a "larger verb" - perhaps via GA, but does say


Break the verb model as we start to create a verb taxonomy? I know I am alluding to a verb taxonomy, but I'd like to develop something that doesn't need changing :)

Re data pumping, have another question which is a slightly different topic so will start a new thread.

Thanks for the pointers.


On Friday, 6 April 2012 17:14:57 UTC+1, wrote:
Hi all,

Happy easter.

Our OER (same as OCW) project has a lot of event tracking built in to
Google Analytics. Given OER / OCW reuse and tracking has taken on holy
grail like proportions I wondered if anyone was working on any OER
verbs / or might be interested in doing so?

I am thinking verbs like "copy", "download" and maybe a few more. It
might not make sense to have a subset of OER verbs, but I think I
could argue that copy is a useful OER verb, but maybe marginal for an
LR node which isn't focused on OER.