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Re: [lsc] Re: Finding a name for your startup

Sean Murphy May 4, 2012 9:28 PM
Posted in group: Lean Startup Circle
Thomas Petersen also did a great post on the topic at

What's in a name – Tips for naming your startup

I have added the links from this thread to a new page at

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On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 3:39 PM, Josh Ledgard <> wrote:
A while back we wrote a post that's very related about the ultimate
guide to naming...

To summarize some of the topics there...


Is it Google-able with common variations?

For the first several months of business your #1 “organic” seo term is
going to be people that heard about you searching on your name… or
what they think is your name.  We could see customers telling other
people about us because of the new customers coming from searches for
“KickoffLabs”, “Kick Labs”, “Lab Kickoff”, “Kicker Lab”, “Kick off”,

Imagine if we had gone with a more trendy name like “”.
Now someone tells their friend. Hey – you should check out “Launch”.
So they search for it.  We were never going to be the first result for
that. We’d have to buy ads just to get those customers that should be
ours for free.

Could you own the social media?

It’s not just the domain that has to be available. Ideally you could
own the Facebook page & Twitter handle for that name.  I would have
hated to be “kickofflabsapp” on twitter.  I like my domains and social
handles to match. People will ignore the addition and just try to
tweet at your domain handle… own it.

Are you in the room with a porn star?

If you google the words that comprise your URL what else do you come
up with? Is it content you want associated with your product? What is
on the domains with the same name that don’t end in .com?  If you
choose an alternate domain ending like “.us” what is on the .com?
Because people will always try to add/type the .com in to find your

What does it mean?

I bought a pretty short URL recently (thankfully they are only $10)
that brings means “ugly deformed sea creature” in Latin. I got
nightmares thinking about the logo.

Is the misspelling easy to explain?

Klout, for example is just clout with a K.  Heck, it shows up in the
pronunciation guide when you search for clout on google.

Now imagine if you had to explain the name to a friend by saying
“replace C with K, drop the last vowel, and add an R at the end.” Yup,
you met all the 2.0 requirements… but you picked a bad name.


We also list some helpful tools at the end of the post...

Josh Ledgard
Founder - KickoffLabs

On May 3, 6:17 am, Ju Fl <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I currently work for a startup that brings online marketing to local
> businesses, and we interact both with consumers and merchants.
> We are about to launch and everything is going fine, from making great
> progress with the product, over building a great work environment and team
> to finding investors.
> We have one big problem though: we are still pretty much nameless.
> We were always a bit reluctant to decide on a name, mainly because we found
> it very hard to find something intuive that appeals both to consumers and
> businesses.
> What I would like ask you guys is:
> What process did you use when you decided for the name of your own
> startup(s)?
> What methods do you use for brainstorming?
> What kind of names work better than others?
> Which validation methods do you use?
> I would be very grateful for any advice on these questions.
> Best wishes,
> Julius