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Re: [lsc] Lean Definitions

Adrian Howard Apr 28, 2012 10:01 AM
Posted in group: Lean Startup Circle
Hi Max,

On 28 Apr 2012, at 14:23, max willems wrote:
> A)An MVP: 1) A product which you can show to your target customer to
> buy immediately ?
>               2)A product that feels right to you as a founder ,not
> perfect  but looks good and works,with customer ready to buy.
>               3)A product that works ,looks ugly.
> The list goes on

It depends.

> B)Who are early adopters?

It depends.

> C)Who are sneezers?

It depends.

I'm not trying to be difficult - honest :-)

Can you give us a bit more context as to why you're asking these questions and what you know so far? I think people will find it much easier to help with more information on your current context.


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