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Layout 2 pdf printing

WildWhiteNacho Sep 10, 2009 1:16 PM
Posted in group: LayOut
Hello, SU7 NUB here. I have been on 6 for a while

I downloaded SU7 yesterday. I saved a vs.6 house drawing to a use in 7
and placed a sectional of a floor plan  into LO.

In LO one I never was very successful getting resolution issues
resolved, so LO never became a usable tool.
On LO 2 , I set to export to PDF, and when it displayed the page had
changed from Arch D landscape sith titleblock on the right to a title
block on the bottom of the page; and there was no image ion the sheet.

I repeated the same procedure with a smaller SU file created in 7 on
the same arch D template and it produced the same results.

I want to upgrade to 7 but it appears that either I have to start from
scratch building my own templates, or the issues haven't been resolved
that would enable us to get work out to the client efficiently.

My first test is a flop, Is anyone getting successful architectural
prints out of LO?