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Re: Feature Request: Sharing

Ian Clarke Jan 25, 2012 5:38 AM
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Actually this is already possible, although the functionality isn't exposed, it will be soon.

If you don't mind a little hackery, to "fork" a worksheet (the term I use internally for a page) look at the source code of the worksheet you want to fork.

In the body tag you'll see something like this:

<body data-worksheet-id="gI9P1iZ" data-worksheet-ro-id="RU000nE7" data-variables="{}">

If you copy the data-worksheet-ro-id, RU000nE7 in this case, and create a URL from it like, anyone that visits that URL will get a copy of that worksheet that they can edit without affecting the original.  I know it's messy, I'm working on it :-)

The reason this kind of thing isn't properly exposed in the UI yet is that I need to figure out how worksheets can be shared, and "published" (allowing other people to "import" functions you've defined).  This will require user accounts and I haven't begun that infrastructure yet.  When worksheets are published, there also needs to be some kind of peer-review.

So much to do, but I'm making rapid progress.  Thanks for your feedback, this is invaluable, please keep it coming :-)


On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 2:31 AM, Martin Grund <> wrote:
Since you keep the complete spreadsheet on the server side it would be great to have a possibility to share the spreadsheet using Facebook / Twitter or just the plain URL without copying it from the address bar.

In addition it could be nice to lock the spreadsheet so that when you share it nobody can modify it anymore.

While thinking about this, what about forking a spreadsheet?


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