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Re: freenode IRC stats a bit skewed

David N. Welton Mar 17, 2010 2:40 PM
Posted in group: LangPop
> Obviously this statistic is a very vague indicator of popularity, but
> it should at least have some semblance of reality. :)

> 360 for java is about right, but #perl always has well over 500 people
> and you have it around 10.  Perhaps your bot was checking ##perl
> (which is only populated by a couple lost people) rather than #perl?
> Many of the other languages you have listed at around 10 people such
> as python and php have several hundred in their respective channels,
> also.
> This site shows user totals for the various channels:

Yes, you are entirely correct.  I have corrected the problem (they
fiddled with the ircd software), and will have updated stats tomorrow
if everything goes well.  I wanted to give it a few workdays to gather
stats since i updated the code over the weekend.

David N. Welton