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Super-Insulated Raised-Bed, Green-Tech Gardens & Insulated Green Roof Garden & Window Boxes

Tim Lyden Apr 1, 2012 9:31 AM
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New Innovative,,, "Raised-Green-Tech*–Garden's" & Geo-Solar Garden-
,,, Exclusively by; "Fortress-Green Building Supply"

Insulated Raised Warm-Bed Garden-Fortress's

New Season Extension Concept's,,, Innovative, Green Building
Technology, combined with age old proven Raised-Bed & Cold-Frame

Incorporating the Best High Efficiency Green Building Technology,,,
with the Best Organic methods,,, we've developed High Efficiency Green
Growing Containers.

Insulated Garden Containers, can extend Growing Season, more than any

We've taken the Best of Green Building Technology & applied to Season-
Extension Growing Containers, Raised-Beds, Green-Roof-Boxes, Green
Window-Boxes, and Mini-Solar Greenhouses.

All of our containers can be fitted with optional, Clear-Poly-Cover,
Mini-Hoop-House, or Insulated Glassed Solar Greenhouse, Tops & Covers,
for Year-Round Growing, even in a Green-Roof or Window-Box...

Green Roof Insulated Garden Boxes, for Flat Roofs

Green Roof Insulated Garden Boxes for Angled Roofs, ideal with South
window access.

Insulated Rot-Proof Raised-Bed Green-Tech Gardens & Garden Fortress's.

Many other Green-Tech Add-ons to increase efficiency, we also mount
these units to South-Facing Walls & Roofs for additional Soil Heat,
and Energy Savings for the Building...

Raised-Bed Green-Tech Garden Bonus,,, Green Garden Fortress's,,, the
walls are 2' high, but we burry them 6" to 12" into the ground to
Insulate the Soil... This really lets the soil get Warm faster & Stay
Then add a Mini-Hoophouse Top, or a Solar-Greenhouse Top & the Sun
will create optimal growing micro-climate, we call these Geo-Solar-
---(With the Insulated sides the Earths Geothermal-Heat can actually
help warmup the soil that the Sun Warms up in the day,, its now
protected from the surrounding cold or freezing ground.

We are still in the R&D Mode & looking for creative forward thinking
people to assist in our research & collect data, results, and optional
Temp's... So we now have Special Super Low Pricing, comparable to the
Cheap Plastic Walmart Un-Insulated Raised-Beds Kits.

Custom Built Units and DIY Kits Available. with 24" high walls
   Basic Sizes 2'x 4', 2'x 6',,, 3'x6',  4'x 6',,,

$... Kits, Complete Raised-Bed Green-Tech Garden, Kits,,, Now Only,
$60. to $110.
$... Fully Assembled, Raised-Bed Green-Tech Gardens,,, Now Only, $120.
to $220.

Also available Stock sizes 4'x 11', 4'x 15', 4'x 2', 4'x 27', 4'x 32',
4'x 37' 4'x 42', 4'x 47'
Custom Sizes also available for only 10% more

+ Also available for Existing Greenhouses & Hoophouses,,, Rot-Proof
Bug-Proof Insulating Panels to insulate the surrounding ground, to
Raise inside Soil Temp's.

+++ Solar-Greenhouse-Additions, Basement-Solar-Greenhouse-Additions,
Insulated Root Cellers, also Green-Walk-In Coolers & Freezers.  +
Super-Insulated-Dog-Houses, Rabbit Houses & Chicken-Coops,

The Insulating Panels alone are available to Carpenters or Builders,
signing up for our Fortress Green Builders Program.   Internships also
available in the Dartmouth Area.

35+ Years Green, Passive Solar & Greenhouse Experience, Innovating New

Fortress Green Building & Supply
Call 508-971-1004