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[Transportation Challenge] Feedback and Help Thread

Frank_junaio Feb 16, 2012 5:18 AM
Posted in group: junaio Augmented Reality platform - Developers
Hey guys,

for our Transportation Challenge, I would like you to use either this
thread or make a nice heading thing, so developers working on the
challenge do not have to ask questions twice.

Here is the core of the challenge again:

== Contest ==
We invite you to build the Public Transportation channel in your city,
state, country or ... even for the world! If you accept this
invitation (at whatever level, city or country), please send us an e-
mail letting us know you’re interested.
Your response will automatically enter you to win a junaio Plugin
(valued at $10,000)! This will allow you to custom-brand your channel
and expand your business opportunities.
Contest entrants will be evaluated based on:
•        Uniqueness of the channel concept (new, creative ways to display the
•        How up-to-date the content is within the channel
•        Reach of channel
•        Included technologies / creativity (add navigation to the station in
a unique way, unique filtering of relevant stops, innovative display
of the information, making it a game, etc.)

2012 11:59PM.

== Use Case ==
You’re in a city – urban, suburb or in the middle of nowhere – and you
need to get around. But you don’t know the best way to get around.
Should you take a taxi – or maybe the bus? How about the train or the
With junaio’s Public Transportation channel, you have access to all
the transportation methods available in your area. Open a channel, do
a quick comparison of your options, and get going!

== Suggested Technical Specs ==
1.        The channel will display icons showing which transportation methods
are available (for example: bus, taxi, train, subway, airport and
a.        Each transportation method will have its own unique icon.
b.        When active, the active transportation method will be highlighted.
c.        When inactive, the inactive transportation method will not be
d.        (Hint: sample active/inactive icons below.)
2.        The channel will display all nearby transit locations around a
3.        The location (longitude and latitude) of transit locations will be
provided by an API.
4.        junaio will allow users to filter nearby transit locations by
distance from the user’s location.
5.        When users click the transit location POI, they will find a
description of the transit location that includes additional
information about that transit location. For example:
a.        Bus location – buses stopping at this bus stop, bus schedule (or
predictions for next arrival time), bus stop address, link to a map of
the bus’s route (optional)
b.        Taxi – taxi’s car number, non-smoking or smoking, disabled access,
credit cards accepted, driver’s first name, taxi’s color scheme
c.        Airport – location, address, airlines operating in this airport

Technical Resources
Below is a list of junaio documentation and quickstart guides
recommended to complete this channel. They are broken down into three
(3) sections: introductory, concept specific and potential APIs.
1.        What are channels? -
2.        Helper Libraries and Getting Started Downloads -
3.        Layout Recommendations -
Concept Specific
1.        Location Based Channels -
2.        LBS Quickstart: Hello World! -
3.        LBS Quickstart: Images, Video and Sound -
Potential APIs
1.        Google Transit API -
2.        Walk Score API (Bus) -
3. (Airports) -
4.        Wikipedia (Airports) -

 == Next Steps ==
1.        Go through the six (6) recommended technical resources and
quickstart guides listed.
2.        Find a public transportation API that you can get your content
3.        Build your channel! For this type of channel difficulty, expected
timelines are:
•        Advanced Developer (advanced experience with junaio and advanced
server side web programming e.g. PHP): 2-4 days
•        Intermediate Developer (little experience with junaio and medium
experience server side web development): 1-2 weeks
•        Beginner Developer (no experience with junaio and little experience
in server side web development): 2-4 weeks

== Contact and Troubleshooting ==
If you have any questions or need support while building this channel,
you may:
1.        Review the complete list of documentation and quickstart guides.
2.        Visit the junaio Google Forum, here.
3.        Send an e-mail to