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Re: [jquery-bugs-team] File Size Considerations

John Resig Nov 18, 2011 4:32 PM
Posted in group: jQuery Bugs Team
>> One thing I mentioned earlier, but seems to be forgotten is the support aspect... How do we support a lib that we can no longer assume knowledge of?
> Support, care, and feeding of this CC-based process could end up
> taking a significant amount of someone's time, plus the effort
> required to track down problems that people have after they use it.
> Debugging the code after it's been processed is a challenge, and
> although there is a Chrome plugin there are plenty of other
> environments where no help would be available. I think we'd need to
> see this process in action once CC is modified and determine how
> practical it can be.

Absolutely. ANY builder that we construct or use will require a lot of
love. If the jQuery UI builder is any indicator we'll have scaling
issues to boot. I'd be more inclined, if we had a builder, to have it
be part of the Makefile build process so that people could diddle it
until their heart is content.

On the note of debugging - presumably debugging *any* "properly"
deployed production code would be a challenge. I think everyone here
agrees that when you deploy to production you'll be doing all sorts of
minification and compression - this makes debugging especially hard
any way you slice it (potentially CC-added issues notwithstanding).