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Assistant Treasurer appointment discussion - Thomas Hampton

Ryan Ozimek Jul 11, 2011 9:38 AM
Posted in group: Joomla Leadership Team
Hi Joomla leadership,

After a detailed search and review by the OSM Board of Directors, lead
by OSM Treasurer Paul Orwig, it's my pleasure to share with you my
recommended appointment for OSM Assistant Treasurer:  Thomas Hampton.
This position is not a board member position, but is rather a high-
level volunteer staff position within OSM.  More information on the
roles and responsibilities of this position can be found on this
public document at

Thomas has graciously answered my questions for him, below, provided
for your thoughts and input as well.

I'll keep this thread open until July 14, 2011 at 5pm ET (New York
time), and then, unless there is significant reasons against it, I
will officially appoint Thomas to the position of Assistant Treasurer
within OSM.

Thank you all for your thoughts, questions and input!


Assistant Treasurer (
Thomas Hampton

1. What professional experience do you bring to this leadership

I have a BA degree in Finance with additional 21 accounting hours. 
The first half of my career was a 10 year accounting track of
Financial Analyst, Assistant Controller, and Controller.  During this
time I managed accounting processes and lead teams from five to twenty
people.   I then moved on to a 12 year consulting career as a
financial lead implementing ERP software.  I lead financial teams
designing and implementing financial and supply chain solutions for
global corporations.  I worked extensively with team members from on
over 12 countries during this time. I am currently an IT Corporate
Business Analyst as a liaison between the business users and IT.

2. What are some measureable results/success of your past experience?

##Multinational ERP Implementation – Personal Products Industry /
Consumer Goods Sector ##

Reduced operations resource cost by $1.1 million, reduced global chart
of accounts by 40%, reduced reports inventory by 30%, implemented
single system with enhanced functionality.

## Multinational ERP Implementation with Legal Restructuring – Drug
Related Products Industry / Healthcare Sector ##
Reduced US tax rate from 35% to 8% Switzerland rate, reduced number of
chart of accounts by 30%, retired legacy global custom commission
payment application and implemented process and reporting
functionality including local regulatory compliance in ERP system.

## Not for Profit Industry / Consumer Goods/Retail/Grant Sector ##
Ability for ”on demand” department profit and loss statements. 
Eliminated manual recording of sales transactions for 16 retails

3. What are your goals within this leadership position?

My goal is to provide timely, accurate deliverables that add value to
overall goal of the mission. 

4. How will you build/sustain a team of volunteers that will aid your

I will demonstrate a high level of integrity and character in order to
motivate others to provide high quality work.  Also I will have clear
communication to others based on the information I have to ensure
others feel informed regarding the impact of their actions.

5. How much time can you give to this particular position, per week?

I can give a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 10 hours.

Ryan Ozimek
Open Source Matters (Joomla's non-profit organization)