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Re: Idea: Short survey of current leadership composition

Javier Gomez Mar 29, 2012 2:15 PM
Posted in group: Joomla Project Structure Working Group
I love the idea, If we convert it in a Google Docs form or similar I
can share it in the leadership list.

Can we add a question that ask in what team apart from the leadership
position participates that member? for example, in my case I'm in OSM
but also in the Trademark Team and other teams.

Will you agree that the goal of this survey is to have a better
knowledge about the team leaders and the leadership structure?
On the other hand I think that the results should not be open to the
public. Because we don't want to put personal names. But we can do
some statistics to show interesting details about the leaders tasks.
For example, maybe we discover that a big percentatge of OSM leaders
are volunteers in working groups under the PLT (this is invented).

On Mar 29, 9:08 am, Jeremy Wilken <> wrote:
> The idea is our group would send it, and that we get simple data
> (quantitative) we can easily build stats upon. Any suggestions on the
> specific questions? I'm sure we can get it sent to each current member as a
> Google Form.