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Re: Git repository?

garyamort Aug 17, 2010 3:52 PM
Posted in group: Joomla! Framework Development

On Aug 12, 12:57 pm, Niels Braczek <> wrote:
> dukeofgaming schrieb:
> > As for the
> > master repository I think mercurial would be the best pick, but I think it
> > would really depend on how many Windows users we have in the JBS as Joseph
> > pointed out earlier.
> Since git is supported by Eclipse and NetBeans, which both are platform
> independent, will that not be sufficient Windows support?

No, the issue is not "support"'s a functional set of server code.

The basic premise of a DCVS is the D part, Decentralized.  This means
I don't have a central server I work against, but rather I clone the
central repository onto my local system and then work from there, only
pushing branches and code to the central server when I have something
worth sharing.

The problem is that Git was developed by Linus specifically for
managing the Linux project, which runs on Linux.  So he used a number
of file management tricks that work very very fast on Linux for
managing many files.  These same features work very very SLOWLY on
Windows, so committing changes to your local Git repository can take
ages at times.

The GUI client support is there, there is a TortoiseGit project and
everything.  It's the server stuff that craps out on windows and makes
it infeasible.