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[jcms] Re: Default language not set in JLanguage

infograf768 Feb 24, 2012 12:47 AM
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The site default language is a parameter applying to Multilingual sites as well as Monolanguage ones.

In multilingual sites its use is defined by the parameter  for new visitors set in the languagefilter plugin (concerning the language set as default in Language Manager=>Installed) as well as the language set as default by a registered user logged.
Otherwise a cookie is set and next visit from a user not logged will always load the last instance of the site, i.e in the last UI language.

In a monolanguage site, its value may change only if multiple language packs are installed and a user has set one of these as his site default language when logged (same as in 1.5).

As of now --- and without an important refactoring due to the large use of $default = false  in the function load(), (JModuleHelper, JComponentHelper, ...)-- getDefault() is always returning en-GB. It is used when an ini file is missing in the UI Target language.
It is defined in language.php
protected $default = 'en-GB';

A "normal" installation of Joomla shall not delete the en-GB language (it is protected in db).
No confusion should be done between the languages installed in Joomla, and the Content Languages defined in the Language Manager.
In fact our offical releases (which are monolingual), and their sample data, should not contain already the Content Language en-gb as this creates a confusion.

"*" (All Languages) is only used as a specific tag in multilingual site where it means "Display whatever the Content Language used in Front-end".
It is ignored in a monolanguage site, as any content language. It is not a default language.

Trying to solve SmartSearch issues by the use of language tags (Content Languages) is not the solution IMHO.
Not only because it would uselessly require creating Content Langages on a monolanguage site (also btw on a multilanguage one) but also because it will not solve the issue which is the one of a content containing text in different languages.

Hope this helps.


Okay so if I understand correctly there are two different ways that people are interpreting default. One is the site default in a mulitlingual site, the other is a default when there is no language defined at all, which is the fall back to en-GB. For  Search, for example, we would want to assume the language * is the site default language not English.  Other than that we don't care.  For other situations you want the en-GB value available.

Is that right?

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