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[RFC] publishers as a drop-down menu

Kohsuke Kawaguchi Apr 19, 2012 9:01 AM
Posted in group: Jenkins Developers
Following up the conversation from JUC Paris, I pushed the "publisher"
branch to the repository that changes the publisher configuration UI.
I'd like to get feedback on whether people think this is a good idea
or a bad idea.

Currently, the "post-build action" of the project configuration page
lists one checkbox per one publisher. This has a couple of problems:

 - when you have a large number of plugins, as many large instances
inevitably do, they occupy a large real estate in the configuration

 - you cannot reorder them

In the branch, instead of a big list of checkboxes, you get a
drop-down menu button just like the main "build' section. And then
you'll be adding publishers by clicking them.

 - once you add a publisher of a certain kind, it gets grayed out and
prevents you from adding 2nd (and if you actually click the grayed out
item, you jump to the corresponding part of the page.) (this
restriction of one instance per one publisher might be something worth
removing in the future?)

 - new items are inserted into their preferred position, instead of
getting added to the bottom, so that users normally wouldn't have to
think about the proper ordering among them (you generally want the
data collection tasks to come before the notification tasks.)

- a few animations to go with it.

Looking forward to hearing back.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi