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Re: Pick r83 to jbase conversion

mike ryder Mar 15, 2012 1:46 AM
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You are lucky that you have anything of R83 left!

Windows does not acknowledge that there can be any other operating system in th world. If you want to install a second OS (even wen installing Linux) you have to load winblows first.

For serial ports, you can buy a USB-serial adaptor (try maplin)


On Wednesday, March 14, 2012 11:51:09 AM UTC, Dave Grenfell wrote:
I'm back, all browned up and ready to begin.  Hit my first snag.  The computer I was going to use for xp/jbase has no serial ports, so will have to look for either an older box, or a serial port card. When I get this put together, I will begin the transfer process. 
As an aside, I put R83 on an old Pentium 233 box, and it worked perfectly.  I then installed windows 2000 on the other half of the hard drive, and now seems the only way I can boot PICK is to use the floppy to execute the monitor.  I guess the multiple boot thing doesn't work because windows doesn't recognize the pick partition as valid.
I will post progress reports.

Subject: RE: Pick r83 to jbase conversion
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 15:00:27 -0800

Almost there! The Saved files are pulled from AccuTerm into  your XP. So when the save is complete, you have  a directory with a bunch of files on your PC. If nothing else you now have a good backup of R83 and it’s time to take a vacation!


When you’re ready, open a connection into jBase, check the code, compile, create an account, etc. Then run the program to Restore into jBase. You’ll be prompted for the path to the saved files which are on your XP.  You’ll probably need to do this a couple times to get a feel for the process. Be sure you don’t accidentally blow away any changes you make to the MIGRATION.BP programs.


Each process is asynchronous, you do the save, stop, restore, stop.  For reference however, you can do multiple saves and restores simultaneously with different AccuTerm sessions – you just wouldn’t be saving and restore the same account at the same time.  Hope that makes sense (and that someone else here gets something out of this J  ).


When you get back, feel free to email me direct and we can setup a call to discuss it a little more – I’ll spend some personal time with you to work through some of this.  But like I said, the code is free and open source, but if we’re going to spend any “real” time with it then it would be nice to put an hour on the clock.  (Your client has gotten away without paying for their system for a Long time, it’s not unreasonable to ask them to pay something for a migration.)




(Enjoy the vacation!)


From: David Grenfell


I am putting the system together in my head before leaving for vacation so that I can concentrate of relaxing instead of working on the problem when i should be having a rum&coke.
I visualize it as this:
I will have PICK running on one box and have jbase 10 on xp-pro and Accuterm on a second box.  I will have my xp system connected to PICK with a serial cable, and run your save.restore using Accuterm (also on my xp box).  Will the "save" file be generated on the PICK system or on my xp hard drive?
I then must run your program again, this time accessing it on the xp box to restore the saved file.  If this file is on the PICK box, then I must be able to specify it's location in Accuterm, and also where I want to save the restore file. 
How am I doing?

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