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Re: [The Java Posse] Re: Scala Video by "Child" Programmer

Ricky Clarkson Feb 9, 2012 3:10 PM
Posted in group: Java Posse
Bear in mind that Fibonacci is Euler Problem 2.  He'll be doing things a lot more interesting for day-to-day programming (unless you churn out no-brainer webapps all day) if he gets to the later problems.  A couple of days ago I used some of my functional skills to trot out a parser that gives the number of parameters in a SQL stored procedure, in my day job, for a real though somewhat trivial problem.  It worked second time and was very easy to write.  All the code fits on one screen, it handles nested parentheses easily, and that's without even leaving Java. :)

(I forgot about -- single line comments, so it really worked third time, not second)
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On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 4:18 AM, Marco Faustinelli <> wrote:

I must confess that I have made a vow never to attend any more
demonstration of programming power involving Fibonacci: it's just too
far from the average day job.

All this in spite that I realize very well the benefits of functional
programming (I even practise it in JS and Java) and that I am Italian

Selling FP is tough. Its best showcase to my knowledge is robust code
handling immutable data. But I wouldn't let a cute kid present it to
my colleagues :-)


[Btw my vow applies also to breeding rabbits and foxes]

On Feb 9, 5:56 am, clay <> wrote:
> This is way too scripted and the childish exuberance is too calculated
> to not be done by an adult, but nevertheless, this is a really neat
> Scala video. It really showcases the conciseness and maintainability
> benefits of functional programming:

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