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Re: Using input[type=submit] for forms and deprecating a[type=submit] (Issue #332)

Sean Gilligan Apr 12, 2012 10:27 PM
Posted in group: iui-developers
On 4/12/12 8:31 AM, Remi Grumeau wrote:
> For such "details": Amen.
> For those (few) that gonna update their installation to latest 0.4
> code, this migration will not be a big deal.

I'm going to leave the backwards compatibility code in there.  I already
wrote it and tested it that way.  And I do think we shouldn't break
things in what was originally intended to be a "final candidate"
release.  The extra code is about 10-15 lines, I'd guess and we can
remove it in 0.5 if we aren't given a compelling reason otherwise (e.g.
loud complaints or a serious issue with using input[type=submit]).

Anyway, at this point we've got:

Leave a[type=submit] support for backward compatibility:    -1
Add input[type=submit] support:   +3

So I went ahead and pulled these changes in to the main repo

Any testing would be greatly appreciated.  Also, Remi can you please
check my CSS changes for any unintended side-effects?
The CSS changes are minimal and are in a single commit

I'm also going to update the "Forms 1" and "Dialog box" examples on the
<> page.

So, if there are no major issues with this I think it's time for a
"beta3" release...

-- Sean

p.s. I used some actual hyperlinks in this e-mail - does that improve
readability for people or make it worse?