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Re: demo's and the current 0.4 beta?

Sean Gilligan Mar 16, 2012 1:15 AM
Posted in group: iPhoneWebDev
On 3/14/12 2:18 PM, DrTwitch wrote:
> thanks.
> i am working on a possible production web page and so i was hoping to
> have some kind of "stable" version of the code for a roll out. So it
> sounds like i should be working with the 0.4 and use the url you
> supplied instead of the 0.5 site that is currently up.

0.40-beta2 is the most stable version of iUI ever.  If you find any bugs
in it, report them and we'll try to fix them.  We hope to release a
0.4.0 final soon (where adding another '.' for the final release)

> one other question i had about the framework, exactly how well they
> should "behave" on non-mobile devices. so for example i am opening the
> page in chrome and a couple of the dialogs are not filled in.
> i am guessing that basically there are no promises with reguard to non-
> mobile browsers.
iUI should work reasonably well with non-mobile, non-IE browsers such as
Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  If you find an issue with one of those
browsers, please report it and we will try to fix it.

I'm currently looking at the issues in Chrome...

-- Sean