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Bug: switching files while searching in document

Gregory Marler Mar 28, 2012 9:08 AM
Posted in group: Intype (Public)
Here's how I come about a situation where all I can do (as far as I know) is close intype, and have to remember what files I had open and what I was doing. My colleague did the correct thing and told me to file a bug instead of just verbally pointing it out.

  • I have several files open.
  • I do cntrl+f (or may have the dialog open) to search for some word.
  • I get the prompt "Continue from beginning of page?".
  • I think doh, of course it's in that other file.
  • I don't respond to the prompt, and I click on the other file/tab.
  • The colour of the tab changes, but the file doesn't change.
  • I can't see/put/get the cursor amongst the text of the file (but the mouses cursor still flies around and works fine in windows).
  • Answering the  "Continue from beginning of page?" prompt doesn't help, but I can then edit the text and search again (it seems to find words, but doesn't put the cursor there).
On a windows computer. I downloaded intype about 2-3 weeks ago. (Help-About doesn't do anything, Help-Check for Updates says it is up to date).

It would be nice to hear this bug can be reproduced, but other than that my interest will fall away from the report. Without it being fixed, the bug teaches me to know the work/code better for fear of crashing intype!