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RE: [BOB] Re: French Threaded Pedals?

Greg Reiche May 14, 2012 4:58 PM
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Stephen is correct, Campagnolo cranks all came with 9/16" x 20 tpi pedal threads. Campagnolo pedals, however, were available with French thread. Go figure. The "F" does indeed stand for "filettatura" or threading.

Campagnolo has traditionally been quite consistent about indicating the threading on parts by stamping the actual dimensions thereon, rather than some code like "F" or "I" or "E" or "S" (with the exception of early freewheel threading on hubs.) French pedal thread is M14 x 1.25, that's what a crank would be stamped if it were threaded so.

Greg Reiche
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Vista, CA USA

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On May 14, 1:04 am, Markku Klubb <> wrote:
> I have an older Campy crank that has French threads (an F stamped near
> the pedal attachment point) so I simply installed my English thread
> pedals (Phil pedals).  That worked and continues to work just fine.
> Markku KlubbSeattle, WashingtonUSA

I suspect your cranks do not really have French threads as all Campag cranks I've ever seen have BSC pedal threads, and are marked 9/16 x 20F. I'm not sure exactly what the F stands for, but it is not "French." It's probably the Italian equivalent of the French term "filetage" (sp?) whch means threading. Campag Italian threaded BBs are marked similarly - the cups are marked 36 x 24F, versus 1.370 x 24 TPI BSC for the English threaded ones. The markings relate to the thread standards, not anything to do directly with nationality.


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