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JM Garg Jul 29, 2011 2:32 AM
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I have had the privilege of reviewing Ralf Knapp's new Taiwan fern book for the next Indian Fern Journal - it will knock one out when one sees it!  Superb photos, comments and keys, many of them also species that are present in the Indo-Himalaya etc.  It might be worth making an a small paper of comparison and comments on a few things that don't seem to be quite the same as what we call or called them here - because higher altitude Taiwan is very closely related floristically to the Himalaya - via the stepping-stone migration route along the series of mountain ranges across south China.  Anyway, that's something we can think about.
I do hope that within a few years we may have a similar photo book for the Indian subcontinent, too - Dr. Kholia and myself have been putting photos together for it for some years and hope to make a sort of photographic-plus-taxonomic Census-List, in memory of the late Dr. R.D. Dixit.  But we both need more time in hand - and it would be great if we could have a co-author to help photograph in South India and Andhra Pradesh?
All the best,
Chris Fraser-Jenkins (still in Kathmandu so far!).

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Dear Dr. Ralf,

Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures with the group. All the pictures are very nice.

Also, congratulations and good wishes for your book which gives a very comprehensive information about this wonderful group of plants.

I hope that in near future, many more researchers come forward to take up research in Pteridology and enhance the existing knowledge and information.


Sumesh Dudani
Research Scholar,
Energy and Wetlands Research Group,
Centre for Ecological Sciences,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
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> Dear all,
> Though pictures are hosted on Picasa (which is a system competing with Yahoo's Flickr), you can find pteridophyte and gymnosperm photos for the Taiwan flora. All albums are public, so no log-in is required for viewing:
> All the best,
> Ralf, Taipei

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