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bozzi Feb 27, 2012 7:12 AM
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Prof Ramamurthi Rallapalli
Network of Indian Universities on Cultural and Biological Diversity

Dear Professor
Dear all

I thank you for the invitation and information about the �International Consultation on Ecotechnology and Sustainability Science-Biodiversity and Sustainable Development� to be held in Tirupati from Feb 29,2012 in S.V.Vedic University. Unfortunately I am not able to attend the Consultation.

As coordinator of the International University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity (IUNCBD) allow me to extend our congratulations on your significant initiative supported by the the National Biodiversity Authority.

It is our privilege to have introduced the university initiative in India through four intensive missions in one year, promoted the establishment of the Network of Indian University on Cultural and Biological Diversity (NIUCBD) as well as motivated the establishment of the Indian Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity (INCBD) - both
directly linked to the IUNCBD International University Network.

I hope that my missions to several Indian universities and the participation in meetings and conferences - in particular in the Indian Science Congress - have contributed to stimulate the involvement of academic institutions, strengthen international relationships and visions, and share common actions aimed at protecting and promoting cultural and biological diversity through the development of an operative platform for education, research, capacity building, public awareness and policy interface.

Your extraordinary initiatives testify the effectiveness of the strategy developed by the IUNCBD International Network on the base of the MoU Cooperation signed by the Sapienza University of Rome and the United Nations Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

It is a pleasure to mention again that the Indian experiences demonstrate the accurate and effective action in implementing objectives 4 and 5 of the CBD MoU Cooperation which are key-elements of the IUNCBD International Network:

4. Promote initiatives for the spread and implementation of the Programme of Work on CEPA aimed, inter alia, at designing and disseminating k-university curricula and focused educational/capacity building and scientific programmes, developing pilot projects and long terms activities, establishing and coordinating partnerships and networks among universities, centres of excellence in teaching, national and international institutions, local/indigenous communities and other stakeholders,

5. Provide educational institutions and stakeholders focused inputs and a forum of dialogue for raising awareness, collecting feedback and developing initiatives to address and better engage:

  • the integration of education with capacity building in issues of relevance of the Convention,
  • the establishment of a constructive dialogue between science, policy and society
In order to give operative contributions to your discussions we are also pleased to share again with the NIUCBD the objectives and strategy of the IUNCBD International Network that want to promote initiatives aimed at:
  1. introducing a new paradigm of relationships between international conventions and universities, giving an operative contribution to the CBD Secretariat,
  2. allowing universities to bridge the gap of communication and knowledge between the university system of studies and the International Organizations � among them the CBD, the gap between education and capacity building, the very limited role universities play in disseminating and linking the CBD policy agenda and programmes of work to the local context to which they belong,
  3. allowing universities to play a fundamental role as local social drivers opened to society, local/indigenous communities, experts, policy makers,
  4. offering a transdisciplinary scientific contribution through the internalization of the CBD and associated programmes of work (among others, UNEP, UNESCO and FAO ) in the academic system of studies,
  5. disseminating and introducing the CBD policy agenda and programmes of work in the universities system of studies, bridging the gap between academic and institutional policy perspectives,
  6. translating the CBD policy agenda and programmes of work in new contains for courses and academic programmes with the involvement of representatives of communities and experts,
  7. institutionalizing these programmes in the academic system of studies,
  8. offering a coordinated international platform of information, knowledge, research questions and research/teaching programmes in order to develop and reply transdisciplinary academic studies, initiatives and curricula linked to the ongoing CBD and related organizations policy agenda and programmes of work,
  9. developing joint research/teaching/capacity building initiatives and events in order to strengthen local capacities, exchange and compare local experiences and case studies at international/national multi-scale level, achieve high standards of advanced studies, link universities to the local implementation of the CBD, provide tools to grow a critical mass of experts,
  10. designing innovative curricula/ initiatives taking into account the local context.
I am thankful to Prof� Ramamurthi, Chairman of the NIUCBD for the extraordinary work carried out together with us.

Please do not hesitate to ask me for any contribution you need.


Pierluigi Bozzi

Dr Pierluigi Bozzi
International University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity
Research Centre of Development Studies - SPES
University of Rome "Sapienza"
Phone: +39 3358176781
via Del Castro Laurenziano 9
00161 Rome

Il 09/02/12 04.28, Network of Indian Universities ha scritto:

Dear Eco-friends,

I have great pleasure��in extending an invitation to the �International Consultation on Ecotechnology and Sustainability Science-Biodiversity and Sustainable Development� to be held in Tirupati from Feb 29,2012 in S.V.Vedic University.There will be a round table of Conclave of Vice-Chancellors and Coordinators of NIUCBD��centres. Kindly register & confirm your participation. Please send your travel plans to��

1st�anniversary of INCBD�will be celebrated during this event. Your gracious presence will contribute to the success of our conference.�You are also requested to circulate attached brochure to the faculty/research scholars, so that they can participate in the event. for more information please visit our web site :�

Network of Indian Universities on� Cultural and Biological Diversity (NIUCBD) is� promoted by the International�University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity (IUNCBD) formed by Sapienza University of�Rome, Italy �under the cooperation agreement recently signed with the UN�Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity coordinated by Prof.Pierluigi Bozzi.

Our mission is��EDUCATE, PROMOTE AWARENESS, CONSERVE and RESTORE� BIODIVERSITY�.� NIUCBD is committed�to Conservation and Sustainable management of Cultural and Biological�Resources for future generations. The network desires to pursue Biodiversity�Conservation, Capacity building and Enhancing awareness through Education, linking stakeholders with policy agenda, planning and implementation of the�multi level agreements.�

On behalf of the Network of Indian Universities we want you to help us to establish �NIUCBD Centre at your University and allover India. Your university can appoint one coordinator & three to five members from various departments like Botany, Environmental Sciences Microbiology, Zoology, & Social Science and or from affiliated colleges to conduct activities from the centre. A line in reply will be greatly appreciated.

NIUCBD �initiatives�are designed taking into account the Inter-linkages between Scientific /�Academic and Policy / Management perspectives aimed at connecting�Educational programmes, Science, Policy and Society. We request you join us to raise our voice to bring awareness on capacity building to bridge a) International and Indian universities b) Universities and Non-Governmental institutions c) Education and Knowledge on CBD.

With best regards


Dr.Ramamurthi Rallapalli
Chairman,Network of Indian Universities on CBD
General President,ISCA-2008
ISRO Honorary Scientist, Fmr Vice-Chancellor,S.V.University,������������������������������������������������ A-9 Vaikuntapuram,Tirupati 517502
Ph.+91 877 2241907 (O)2242079(Fax)



General Secretary

Prof. R. Ramamurthi

Chairman,� Network of Indian Universities on CBD,�

Formerly Vice Chancellor,

S.V. University, Tirupati,�

Cell: 91-9849488390�


Coordinator,�INCBD & NIUCBD

Department of Botany

S.V.University, Tirupati

Cell : 91- 9989053632

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