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Re: Selectivizr breaks CSS3 PIE

Tom Thorp Jun 15, 2011 10:26 AM
Posted in group: selectivizr
I cannot upload complete example due to restrictions my client.  But I can past the keep pieces -

for css 

    background:  linear-gradient(#CCC, #EEE)/*future CSS3 browsers*/
    background:  -moz-linear-gradient(#CCC, #EEE)/*gecko*/
    background:  -webkit-gradient(linear, center bottom,
				center top, from(#eee),to(#ccc))/*webkit*/
    -pie-backgroundlinear-gradient(#CCC, #EEE)/*PIE*/

For Javascript, I'm using modenizer 2.0 & JQuery 1.6.1 to load the plugin -
                    test: Modernizr.cssgradients,
                    nope: '/Scripts/selectivizr.js' )};

What is happening is as follows - 
  1. The css file loads the the background gradient is applied to a line of text on IE9 browser running in IE7 mode (for testing).
  2. Once, selectivizr is loaded, the background gradient is erased.  This was verified by commenting out the loading code.
  3. PIEcss functions for rounded corners continue to work.
Sorry cannot post complete sample, but this is best I can do.  Your product does look really interesting.

Tom Thorp

On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 12:19 PM, Keith <> wrote:
Could you upload an example somewhere and I'll take a look.

On Jun 15, 4:34 pm, Tom Thorp <> wrote:
> I've go the same issue.
> On May 11, 10:16 pm, Yuichi <> wrote:
> > Has anyone else had trouble combining Selectivizr with CSS3 PIE?!
> > I recently was working on a site where I had used Selectivizr, but had
> > commented out the line loading it. When I un-commented it, CSS3 PIE
> > broke completely; it stopped doing anything at all. Commenting it out
> > caused CSS3 PIE to work again.
> > I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this before I start
> > trying to dig into it.
> > Thanks in advance.