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I wrote a song last night to ease my spirit

M & L Abrams May 14, 1996 12:00 AM
Posted in group: houston.personals

MuzikMan wrote:
> Seems there have been so many changes in my life of late... not the least
> of which is:  The most exciting lover I've ever had just dumped me:(  I
> feel the dog days of summer may be coming on, or perhaps a period of
> quietness.  Who knows what shall win out.  Can anyone relate?
> I was thinking... maybe I need a bohemian sort of woman... somebody who
> used to chase the Grateful Dead, but is bored now.

> I wrote these lyrics at work last night, and wrote the music this
> morning.
 (snipped) (refrain from song)

> How it might have been
> Like that story goes...
> Love on the silken edge of a summer storm
> I feel so young and free in your embrace
> I hope I never will forget your lovely face

> Peace to ALL of you.
> MuzikMan
> Technical tip:
> To drastically reduce screen clutter: filter "Mancini"!

So dude,

I always am impressed by people, especially men, (though
somewhat suspicious) who bare their self in a public forum.
Could be nuts, could be a perv, could be an interesting
person.  I myself am called the "queen of overshare" by my
dear brother-in-law, so I feel a certain sympatico. :)

You have a certain ease with words, which I also find
noteworthy, a little florid, but hey, we all need a little
more flora in our lives!  The line "love on a silken edge of
a summer storm" is quite nice, I must say.  The rest
wouldn't make a bad drekish pop song, but that one line was
quite fine. IMHO. And what more do you need for a love song,
anyway.... :)

(well, good music as well...)

What "kind" of music do you do? Send me a file, should be
fun.  My husband has a midi set-up, so if you send a midi
file in Mac Vision I could hear it, I think.  Or just a
plain old Sound Machine, SoundApp file or something. I'm not
altogether sure how it would work.