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Re: New version of the Historypin site has launched

Michael Daley Jan 21, 2012 2:01 AM
Posted in group: Historypin Community
Hi James,

Thank you so much for the in-depth feedback. It's really appreciated.
We obviously can't think of everything - though we do try. My comments
are in line:

On Jan 20, 11:38 pm, James Morley <> wrote:
> Great to hear of further enhancements, and as I Tweeted earlier today,
> there are some really lovely images and interesting people and
> organisations getting involved.
> I'm just testing a new upload now, so will make notes as I go along.
> As with all user feedback, I'm just one person, so don't take too much
> notice, until others start saying the same thing ...
> - I don't like the way that the dating has changed.  Firstly I think
> it's rather confusing when you see the initial two tickboxes and pink
> titles, and the message about needing a date and a location to appear.
> I now understand what it means, but at first it wasn't obvious. Why
> not put the warning at the end, *if* someone fails to select them?
> - Then when I come to add a date the options to give a more precise
> date show question marks, which to my mind either imply you need to
> change them to fill them in, or that is you leave them it means you're
> not sure.  But that's not what you get when you tick the box to say
> you're not sure. And when you do that, the tickbox moves.  Solution:
> I'd actually have a radio selector with both options displayed
> permanently.  And make the pink section title more generic as really
> it only relates to the first option.

We will have a look at this. We went back and forth, but we thought it
was more confusing to show both options at the same time. We'll re-
review it though. If anyone else has a comment, I'd love to hear it.

> - this area also seems to use checkboxes for what are quite different
> types of user interaction
> - the two-tabbed map and street view is superb - so much easier and
> intuitive! Could the toggling of the appearance of the grey tab when a
> user selects the checkbox be just that bit too subtle though? My worry
> would be that people check the box but then don't set a proper
> alignment which results in images showing up as having been Street
> Viewed when in fact they haven't.

It _shouldn't_ record the streetview unless they have clicked "record
position". So just checking it doesn't mean it's been street viewed.
If you have found this isn't the case, please tell me.

> - a very very minor and unique issue - if you check the date box and
> then fill out details, then uncheck it so the fields disappear,
> whatever you entered still gets stored. I'm thinking someone might
> enter data and then realise that they want to re-confirm it, and think
> that unchecking the box and seeing what they entered disappear might
> mean it's not going to upload

That's interesting and a good point. I'll see what we can do.

> - overall though the process is certainly more streamlined


> Moving on to other changes ...
> - I noticed earlier on someone's profile page, and now on mine, that
> there are some text wrapping issues with titles that wrap to three
> lines and addresses that wrap to as many as four.  Combine those and
> the text overlaps with the icons and links below (e.g. the views count
> disapppears behind the stories icon)
> - the text from the reverse geocoding seems rather excessive and oddly
> worded in some cases (e.g. "134 Parade, Royal Leamington Spa,
> Warwickshire County CV32 4AG, UK" but I guess there's not a lot you
> can do about that.

I have noticed this and actually used your profile as an example in my
bug reports. We will probably need to make the entire container taller
to accommodate. This as well as changing the title line height and
possibly font size. You are absolutely right and we have noticed this
when we set the new design on "real data"

> - the Street View man is certainly clearer, but now feels rather out
> of sorts with the rest of the graphic design.  But that's not an
> argument to change it back!

This was an argument. We've used it because it is recognisable. People
seemed to miss the fact we had street view at all - which is a major
shame considering it's a great feature. We did more "bling" here than
we normally would have.

> - the stats junky in me likes seeing the view count ;)  Figures seems
> quite low though - do all types of view count, and is this full data
> since they were uploaded, or just recent counts? Maybe I'm just not
> doing enough to promote my images!

James, again you have found an issue. I don't believe it is counting
Street View Views of images. We are remedying.

> The map stuff Jon mentions also sounds good but I'll test when I'm more awake.
> Thanks for sending this list through, and the chance to give feedback.
>  It's always difficult to write anything that doesn't end up sounding
> negative - I should know, I'm usually on the receiving end of these
> emails - but I'm now more aware of how us fickle users always end up
> taking the good stuff for granted and then picking up on the small
> bits we don't like (or don't understand), however trivial they may be.

But still really helpful and important. Thank you!

> Regards,
> James
> PS the image I uploaded was this street scene of The Parade,
> Leamington, from a c. 1880s stereoview -,-1.535325/zoom:10/sv...
> PPS when I went to that page it loaded without the overlay, which only
> appeared when I moved the fader slightly.  I've seem this happen
> before, but thought I should mention it

This has been a bug that has been mentioned before but really hard to
reproduce. It seems to appear mostly when it's a new user and lots of
things load in the background. Thanks to your email, I finally have an
example and have already created a bug report. I have even done a
screen flow of the issue and added it to the bug report.

All the best

> On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 7:27 PM, Rebekkah Abraham
> <> wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> > There have also been a couple of improvements to the design of the pinning
> > process:
> > - You can add a piece of meta-data, save it and return later to add the rest
> > instead of having to add a title, date and location all at once.
> > - You now stay on the same page when pinning ot the map and Street View, and
> > use the tabs to flick between them (if the Street View Box is ticked)
> > Rebekkah