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Re: [historypin-community] Find Lat and Long Meta Data Mar 27, 2012 6:47 AM
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Hi Mike

I guess looking at it that way I am. Sort of. Maybe. Functionally
though I'd just see it as a refinement of what is already on the bulk
upload 'Find on map' pop-up but where you can just drag the existing
pin around if one is set, of create one if there's none, and then in
either case that gets fed back to the upload form. I don't think in
this interface it needs to be as refined as the full-blown as the
"pinner map".  But that said I guess a search facility would be

The crucial point I think here is user workflow. If people have a
large dataset and some don't have locations in the csv then it might
be nice to offer them something at the point of doing the bulk upload.
But at the same time I guess those images won't go live and the user
can then just go to those and set them in the normal way, but is that
more tedious firstly finding them, and then setting them?

So my vote is for. But if you use MoSCoW ratings I'd say this is a
'Could', nothing more.


On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 2:27 PM, Michael Daley
<> wrote:
> Hi James,
> Are you suggesting a full blown "pinner map" as we have on main pinner
> ( The tool was intended for people to
> double check content was uploaded correctly, however I can see that if
> you're using it as a way to upload without a CSV it could be useful. If we
> opened a popup box, the pinner would take up about 640px height so might be
> tight on browsers at 1024x768px.
> How many votes can I get for this feature?  :-)
> Thanks
> Mike
> On 27 March 2012 13:52, James Morley <> wrote:
>> What would be really neat is if the 'Find on map' tool within the bulk
>> uploader allowed users to set the location there, or simply refine the
>> location.
>> In the meantime your approach is probably what users would have to do,
>> although I'd suggest is a marginally simpler
>> way of doing the same thing.
>> Regards, James
>> On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 11:31 AM, Mike Strange <>
>> wrote:
>> > I have suggested to Rebekkah that some folk would like to use the Bulk
>> > Uploader tool but haven't a clue how to get the latitude and longitude
>> > co-ordinates; this is how do it for other uses:
>> >
>> > a) Open Google maps (
>> >
>> > b) Find the location where you want to pin something as close as you can
>> > by
>> > zooming in.
>> >
>> > c) Right click on that spot and click on "What's Here?"
>> >
>> > d) A green marker will appear and the lat and long will appear in the
>> > Google
>> > search bar above the map, copy and paste into the spreadsheet - voila.
>> >
>> > Anybody here have an even easier solution/recommendation?
>> >
>> > Mike
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