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Haxe 3.0 has been released!

Simon Krajewski May 25, 2013 4:50 AM
Posted in group: Haxe
Dear community,

on behalf of the Haxe Foundation, I am proud to announce that Haxe 3.0 is now officially released! Nicolas Cannasse announced it during his speech at the Worldwide Haxe Conference in Paris earlier today. You can get it here:

Compared to the second release candidate from about three weeks ago, we have improved stability and fixed remaining bugs. We have also further improved the haxelib client. Make sure to check out the changelog (

If you are still on Haxe 2 and consider migrating to Haxe 3, please have a look at our migration guide ( If you are still on Haxe 2 and did not consider migrating to Haxe 3 yet, please have a look at our new features list (

Please note that the haxe library repository has been reset for Haxe 3. The old libraries are, of course, still available for Haxe 2, but the new haxelib client draws its libraries only from the new repository. This is to account for the vast amount of outdated and unmaintained libraries. Details on how to submit libraries to the new repository, as well as other useful information are available at the new haxelib documentation page (

Lastly, some of you may be pleased to hear that we are moving the haxe compiler sources to github. While this is not completed yet, you can already track our progress on the Haxe Foundation github account:

Thank you for your support and have fun with Haxe 3!
Simon Krajewski