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Re: OAuth

Renaud Bardet Jun 29, 2012 7:25 AM
Posted in group: Haxe
Hey, first commit is here :

So like I said earlier this only covers the following :

client :
- sending authenticated requests (no token request, you need both consumer key/secret and token key/secret)
- HTTP method GET (POST, PUT and DELETE will follow shortly)
- HMAC-SHA1 signature (RSA-SHA1 and PLAINTEXT are scheduled)

server :
not planned at the moment

I used a modified version of cafeinHx library for HMAC and SHA1
I also included a Base64 codec lib (this would be great to add to Std)

please tell me what you think of it so far !

you can test it by requesting to a sample server at (


Le mercredi 27 juin 2012 15:30:07 UTC+2, Renaud Bardet a écrit :
Hi there !

I was wandering if anybody had come with an OAuth library,
if not, I would have to build it myself, so in that case would anybody be interested in participating ?

I'm asking because I'm just discovering OAuth and I might not grasp all of the concept of it,
so doing it on my own would probably end up in yet another thing nobody would ever use again