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Re: Haiku wish list

abickford Oct 17, 2011 7:24 AM
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A small one here:
Can sidebar navigation be links?

On Oct 17, 8:46 am, Mare Chitko <> wrote:
> Holy Angels Haiku wish list:
> Discussion groups allow the teacher to place a time limit during which input
> may be accepted but Wiki projects do not. There should be a mechanism by
> which a teacher can close them out.
> To be able to see total grades/points for categories (i.e. homework, tests,
> projects etc).
> It would be helpful if we could see the quarter grades from first semester
> teacher as we are determining if a student will pass for the year.
> I would like to see subcategories on the gradebook page.
> Can we have a windowpane freeze (as in excel) for scrolling across a
> spreadsheet such as the one in gradebook?
> I would like to be able to put grades in color....example make-ups in green,
> not too good grades in orange and failing grades in red.
> It would be nice to use the annotator on Powerpoint presentations.  I use a
> Powerpoint to write notes and sometimes post it and ask the girls to do work
> on it.  The nice part about it is we can “write” with the pen - especially
> important for math symbols.
> Annotator compatibility with PowerPoint. Yes, I too agree that we need an
> easier way to use the annotator with Power Point submissions.
> I would like to be able to copy assignments from one class to another.
> Please (This would be a drop down selection--just like when you want to move
> a page. In any given class, you could make an assignment and w/o leaving
> that page, post it to all appropriate classes. This would be SUCH a
> user-friendly “Haiku move.”)
> I would like to be able to upload multiple photos as once.  Right now I have
> to upload photos one at a time! (folder upload, like in Google.)
> II would like a lesson planner, an eight day lesson planner which would bump
> all the plans forward if we had a snow day
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