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HackerspaceSG: The next steps

Luther Goh Lu Feng Oct 23, 2013 8:17 PM
Posted in group: HackerspaceSG
Dear members and friends of HackerspaceSG,

Thank you for your generous support so far.

Our current lease at 70A Bussorah Street is coming to an end in less than a month’s time. Over the years, the rent has increased steadily from about $3500 to the current $4333.50. The present landlord is also unwilling to extend the lease at the current rate past February 2014, and intends instead to separate our combined 2nd floor unit into two units (separating the zone library into a second unit) over the next two months.

During the time that the zone and library are carved out into a separate unit, we are still allowed to stay in the main area plus lab. But expect dust, noise and other inconveniences.

Apart from the inconvenience and cost of paying rent for half unusable space, it is unlikely that the two adjoining units will be leased back to us at the same rate once renovation is complete.

As such, our only logical option is to move out by the end of the current lease, which is 14 November. Assuming that we don’t find, sign a lease on, and move into a new space before then, the plan is to do the following:
  • Find sufficient temporary accommodation in a single location for the members who use the space on a daily basis. A strong option for this is JFDI’s café, alternatives closer to Arab St are worth seeking.
  • Place our substantial collection of stuff into storage somewhere.

We need a lot of help, first to move to storage and then to find us a new place. We will be gathering at the space Tuesday next week at 8pm to plan our next steps. Our intention is to complete our move by the 10th, and then have an empty-space farewell followed by a cleanup. If you’d like to chip in to help with the move, please join us then.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

Luther and Ruiwen
on behalf of The HackerspaceSG Directors