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Re: [habari-dev] At risk of accruing aggro...

Matthias Bauer Feb 23, 2012 11:57 AM
Posted in group: habari-dev
I like it, but I think it needs improving. Funny though: The Habari/Hi
thing has been floating around forever
( and we never really did
anything with it :)

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 16:31, Owen Winkler <> wrote:
> Time to talk brand.
> Very few people liked the logo.  It has a few problems:
> * It doesn't look like a logo
> * It doesn't look much like what it was constructed to look like
> * It does not include a clear product name
> We've stuck with it because it's what we had, and change is hard and
> painful.  I think most of us have thought that we should do better, not just
> with the logo but with the look of the site and other design elements,
> generally.
> I've put a bit of thought into prior discussion about logos.  There was a
> lot of talk about just using an "H" for the logo.  I've always thought that
> the H by itself was too plain, but that decorating the H by adding bits was
> more like putting lipstick on a pig than trying to create a recognizable,
> iconic logo.  There were attempts at color, which we should all know better
> to avoid around here by now.
> So I began styling the H a bit, in my head and on paper.  I thought it might
> be fun to have an H with radio waves coming out of it, and so I drew a few
> of those.  I thought about how the name and logo might be animated, and that
> the first and last letters of "Habari" are "Hi", which is interesting to me,
> as it evokes the kind of feeling you get being around our community -- "Hi!
>  Welcome!  What's new?"
> Ultimately, I came up with a design that pleased me, and pitched the idea to
> a couple of people to see what they thought.  Some feedback and tweaks
> later, and I've arrived at something that we all seemed to like:
> I'm not claiming that this logo is perfect.  It does correct some problems
> that our current logo has.  The font for the domain name might not be ideal,
> but this is a detail that's easily altered if there's some consensus as to
> what might be better.  It does hit some key logo features:
> * Scalable - It's legible/recognizable when small on screen or poster-sized.
> * Memorable - I think this design is distinct enough that you could describe
> it from memory.
> * Simple - The design is not complicated, having few details or frills.
> * Effective without color - It might be nice to apply some color to it in
> certain situations, but it's not necessary, which is good when printed in
> monochrome.
> * Timeless - This logo doesn't cater to any current logo design fads.
> * Original - The custom welding of the upper case H from a lowercase h and i
> gives this just enough originality without complicating the design.
> Aesthetically, we can't please everyone.  I think this particular iteration
> is reasonably inoffensive enough that, if it's even necessary, it could be
> tweaked only subtly to arrive at something we could accept as a community
> for the logo.
> My intent is not to start a thread filled with new logo submissions. Rather,
> I'd ask you simply to consider whether you would accept this as a logo for
> Habari.  If this logo has some specific reason why it's use is unacceptable
> for our project, please reply with those thoughts.  If you like the logo,
> maybe even you have some specific useful suggestion to tweak it that could
> improve it -- you can reply with that too.  Let's just get a consensus going
> one way or another, and maybe we can move forward.
> Thanks.
> Owen
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