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EPUB and/or PDF export

Bryce Mar 2, 2012 8:52 AM
Posted in group: habari-dev
Is anyone planning on making an export plug that exports to PDF or EPUB? I know that backups are normally done via SQL dumps, either via commandline or something like PHPmyadmin and copying the directory that hold the blog, but that seems a bit much, if the person wanted to just back up posts, since some just want their own personal archive without requiring software like Apache, which is required to have a local install. The plugin that exports to an XML format is not too overkill, but it does not convert well, since the images would have to be redownloaded (not possible to backup under XML or SQL dumps alone anyway), unless they use services like Picasa and a blog platform would need to be established, which does not help if it is Blogger, since the online tool that converts WXR to Blogger's format keeps bringing up errors, unless it came from WordPress. It would really be nice if there was a plugin to either export to PDF or to EPUB. EPUB would be better if the person wants to reestablish content and is platform agnostic, though not as convenient nor as fast as XML or SQL dumps, but PDFs are perfect if that is not the case or the person does not need access to it in apps that only recognize EPUB, which should be fewer now than before. I can back up to both, since I make can make EPUBs by hand and I have HTMLDOC to produce PDFs, but it might be good to have a plugin that backs up posts to either of these formats, like how MediaWiki has extensions for both. I'm not too sure I can do this myself though, as I cannot make sense of the EPUB class that came with the EPUB export plugin for MediaWiki, nor can I make sense of the PDF export MediaWiki extension to utilize HTMLDOC. Right now, to produce EPUBs, one needs to use tools like curl or wget to retrieve posts with their respective images.