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TinkerPop 2.4.0 Released (Gremlin Without a Cause)

Marko A. Rodriguez Aug 4, 2013 10:48 AM
Posted in group: Gremlin-users
Hello everyone,

TinkerPop 2.4.0 has been released under the name "Gremlin without a Cause" (see attached logo). The last release was back in March of 2013, so there are lots of new features/bugfixes/optimizations in the latest 2.4.0 release. Here is the best-of-the-best of each project along with the full release notes.

* VertexQuery and GraphQuery API make use of general Predicates to allow for graph databases to support arbitrary "push-down predicates."
* GraphFactory allows for dynamic determination of graph constructors to allow for easier plug-and-play capabilities.
* Added support for Predicate in Blueprints for all filtering pipes.
* Pipes now depends on Blueprints and all Gremlin-specific pipes are now in Pipes.
* Lots of useful Query optimization work that makes Gremlin compilation more efficient.
* Branch factor support around out, outE, in, inE, both, and bothE.
* Added support for Grape to allow for dynamic library inclusion.
* Support for TypedGraph.
* Support for factory and modules.
* Support for metrics and monitoring with JMX.
* Lots of work on the RexPro binary protocol.

NOTE: 2.4.0 jars have been deployed to Apache Central Repo and ready for <dependency/> inclusion.