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Re: [graylog2] [ANNOUNCE] Graylog2 v.0.9.6-beta

Jean-Francois Theroux Dec 21, 2011 6:49 PM
Posted in group: Graylog Users
Going to test it tomorrow morning :)

On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 8:09 PM, Lennart Koopmann <> wrote:
Hey everybody,

as my personal Christmas present to you I am happy to announce that I
just released the hopefully final beta of Graylog2 v0.9.6. It is a
feature complete package that should already run pretty stable.

The most important changes since PREVIEW.3 are:

 * The analytics shell is working with ElasticSearch! (\o/)
 * Deleting of messages is working with ElasticSearch and allowing to
delete messages no longer has a negative performance impact
 * Stream alarms and subscriptions working with ElasticSearch
 * Fixed bugs related to ElasticSearch when using the web interface
as reader user
 * Added a way to see in which terms a message was broken to. You can
find it in the full message sidebar/view.
 * Fixed some bugs and did some general improvements
 * The server has a new config parameter "force_syslog_rdns" which
forces RDNS lookups instead of parsing the hostname from syslog

Thanks so much for all your great feedback for the previous PREVIEW versions!

Because everything has been tested so much in the PREVIEW versions,
the final version may be released within the next days.

Please report bugs on this mailing list or in the Graylog2 JIRA at

Download available as always from:


:(){ :|:& };: