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EBR - Spring Security

deGaia May 2, 2012 9:25 AM
Posted in group: Granite Data Services Forum
Can someone help me out for creating the structure & the source code
for the bundles so that i can use
spring security + graniteDS osgi + spring framework - because i'm
trying to port my old code to the new osgi platform and I
think that it is very difficult because of the complexity of OSGi.

Soon or later we will need to have a template because of the OSGi
features of GDS.

Right now i've been able to only manage to run Felix container +
Hibernate OSGi and the rest is missing.

I think that if someone can guide me it would be very appreciated!

I found something interesting for OSGi samples of source code to adapt
your old GDS code to the new
OSGi standard at this we site :

You can have a look at the different bundle with the source code and
the unit tests

I need to put all the piece together because this is very deep JAVA
programming and i won't be
able to do it unless someone advanced enough is helping me out!

Thank you in advance