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Re: NEW: Shared Tags and Broader Smart Queues

Mike Lakunin Mar 31, 2012 7:36 AM
Posted in group: GQueues Discussion Forum
Smart queues is a good feature! Thanks.

But it's a bit strange that week  in the smart queues doesn't match with week in my calendar. In Russia, week starts at Monday, and ends in Sunday, but beginning of the week in smart queues still starts at sunday. Could you please fix it.

I have the following scenario: At the end of each week i look over all task i completed during the week. So i've created the smartQueue "lastWeek" and on whenever i want to check progress split by categories/queues I press the "achived" button (if i understand it right, "Archived" is something like "Completed") and analyze completed tasks sorted by queues. Very comfortable. If only the week could start at Monday. The other thing that is need is to look one or two or a few weeks back in the past. 
May be, it's not what is the smartqueues were made for, may be, what i'm talking about would better fit in the possible future "Report" feature or something like that.