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Re: NEW: Fresh Look May 17, 2012 8:18 PM
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thanks Cameron! Love it! :) 

On Friday, May 11, 2012 11:36:33 AM UTC-10, Cameron (GQueues) wrote:
GQueues has a new look!

Hopefully you'll find it clean and refreshing.  The changes are based on your feedback over the past several months and your suggestions while the new look was in beta the past two weeks. 

The goals of the re-design were:
  • Make everything easier to read - even queues with dark colors
  • Increase the amount of space devoted to displaying tasks (maximize use of screen real estate)
  • Make it easier to see all your queues and smart queues in the left panel
  • Maximize the width available for the task description (have it adjust based on whether a task has a due date, reminder)
  • Update the look and feel to be more modern, clean
Also I've added several new bits of functionality that have been requested by you:
  • The option to choose a "Compact" display setting to see tasks in a smaller font with white space minimized - details
  • The option to see task "Creation Dates" and sort by these as well - details
  • Colored tags on tasks
  • The option to Sort / Group by Tags - details
  • A shortcut key to view all available shortcuts (just type a question mark - ? )
  • Tasks that are overdue show their dates in red
  • When adding a tag /assignment using the drop down menu the first option is automatically selected as you type so you can just press enter
Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta and offered ideas.  If you have additional feedback feel free to post it below.