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Re: Nonprofit enrollment Approved, Stuck in Standard Version

andrew c4c Apr 18, 2012 9:57 AM
Posted in group: Google for Nonprofits Discussion Group
Thank you Gina!  It appears to be working in that it allowed me to submit the request for enrollment.

For the backend: It seems that I didn't see/follow the instructions @ where it says "For Google Apps for Education customers, please contact Google Support to request a manual downgrade"

I deleted the previous google account because we hadn't used it much yet and had recently switched domains.  It might save Google a few headaches like me if you all could put that warning on the actual page in the Apps Dashboard so that other nonprofit/education admins don't delete their apps account without contacting Google Support first.  Or, to stop big dummies like myself you could even disable deleting the apps accounts for edu and nonprofit accounts.  Then we'd have to follow instructions.

Thanks again,