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Re: Google for Nonprofits Launches new Account Management Features!

Leah Oct 22, 2011 11:31 AM
Posted in group: Google for Nonprofits Discussion Group
Thanks, Carolyn.

As far as I remember, we didn't apply for Google Apps at all; we only applied for Google for Nonprofits (is Google Apps the same as Google for Nonprofits?) We applied for Google for Nonprofits under the email mynonprofit[at]nonprofit[dot]org and then created mynonprofit[at]gmail[dot]com). Another reason I didn't think it was problem # 2 was because I tried using the 'direct enrollment URL' and it didn't work.

When I tried to cancel the gmail account, I followed the steps on that page, but it wouldn't let me continue until it deleted the entire account. So I did delete the entire account (and then got it back.)

Should I try again to just delete the gmail?

Also, is there a direct and private place where I can send you my EIN? I don't want everyone on the forum to see it. 

Thanks so much.