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Re: Google for Nonprofits Launches new Account Management Features!

Sushmita Lahiri Nov 1, 2011 8:20 AM
Posted in group: Google for Nonprofits Discussion Group
Dear Google Team
Thank you for offering me as a friend.

I run an English Medium School, which "gives free" education for
vulnerablee children from 2005.

If you ever find any such way or person,, please do help my school.

Regards Sushmita ,

On 10/30/11,
<> wrote:
> We successfully used this tool to transfer ownership of our Google for
> Nonprofits application from a non-working Gmail address to a work address.
>  It seems to have worked perfectly in every aspect except one: YouTube.
> When we applied for YouTube for Nonprofits, the channel we applied with was
> owned by a person's personal account.  Upon acceptance to the program, that
> channel was converted to a nonprofit account, which is not helpful to us
> because it is attached to that person's personal account.  If I set up a
> new channel using the email address associated with our Google for
> Nonprofits account, it is created as a normal "YouTuber" account, without
> the option of converting it to a Nonprofit account.  So it's almost like
> we'd need to go back and unregister for YouTube for Nonprofits (if that
> were possible) and register anew to get a working nonprofit YouTube account.
> Any suggestions?
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