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Re: Google +1 Button count issue

PC-Health Apr 20, 2012 5:12 PM
Posted in group: Google+ Developers
Hello Jenny

Thank you for your answer.
I could see all +1s (something around 120) in Webmaster Tools until some weeks ago. Then it droped down step by step to 10 and history is visible just for 6 weeks (15. March 2012) The button is on site for 6 month.
Yesterday I reworked the code and could give one +1, so it shows 11 now. But when some body clicks the button it shows 12 until reload page, than it drops down to 11 again - click again, drops down to 10 - click again it shows 11.
Very strange... it does'nt save the update.

You want me to post some sreenshots from Webmaster Tools, or you can understand, what I'm trying to explane (bad english may be...)

Thank you and best regards

Am Freitag, 20. April 2012 19:45:11 UTC+2 schrieb Jenny Murphy:
Hi PC-Health,

Your +1 button is set up correctly enough, so your markup is not the issue :)

Sometimes the +1 count can drop, for example if users return to your page and remove their +1 or if +1's previously recorded were found to be invalid for some reason.

The first place I'd visit to cross-check this is Webmaster Tools. Set it up for your domain. Does the +1 count recorded there match the button?