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Re: Missing "Google Web Toolkit" right-click menu in Package Explorer

Eric Clayberg Feb 16, 2012 2:44 PM
Posted in group: Google Plugin for Eclipse
Sounds like a feature of the full version of GWT Designer and not GPE.

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 4:00 PM, John Bell <> wrote:
I have been using Eclipse 4.7 for GWT successfully in Lion on a Mac for some time, but I can't get it to work right on a new Mac running Lion. To deploy, I would right-click on a module in the Package Explorer, choose Google Web Toolkit --> Deploy Module, and it would create the .war that I copy to Tomcat.

But on the new machine I don't have that menu anymore. Now the top item is "New->". What do I do to get that "deploy module" option back?

Thank you for any help -- John