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Map Maker imagery requests

Rahim Apr 26, 2012 4:18 AM
Posted in group: General Map Maker

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Hi Everyone,

As our surroundings are changing fast, Map Maker needs to be updated with newer imagery continually. During the upgradation of imagery, chances are some of the areas you care about might not have received fresh imagery.

All imagery requests for MM are processed by the Google Earth team and here’s what they had to say about MM specific imagery requests:

  • Use the Google Earth 'Contact us' form to report issues like blurry, low resolution or outdated imagery in the areas of your interest
  • Specifically mention “Map Maker” while filing the imagery requests as you’re using a common form for making imagery requests on Google Earth and Map Maker

Though we cannot promise a timeline for the imagery updates, however, your requests will help us in identifying areas where an imagery update will aid mapping activity.


P.S. : You can also sign up for Follow Your World to get notified through email each time we improve the satellite imagery (on Google Maps and Google Earth) in your area of interest!